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New Owners!

On November 30, 2016 ownership of Lagoon Cove Marina passed from Jean Barber to the Ryan family. Under the stewardship of Bill and Jean Barber, Lagoon Cove became a special stop for many boaters headed north to explore the Broughton Archipelago. Boaters were greeted with a warm welcome, relaxed visit and a lively happy hour with plentiful prawns, stories and music. The Ryans intend to keep these signature features, and add new experiences and activities that we hope will become a lasting part of Lagoon Cove. If you have been to Lagoon Cove Marina in previous years, we enthusiastically welcome you back. If you haven’t visited yet, you are in for a treat.

What’s new for 2020?

A global pandemic does tend to alter the summer cruising season! You can contact us for specifics of what is available at Lagoon Cove – we plan to do our best to safely provide services needed. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get back to the regular Lagoon Cove traditions like Happy Hour and morning coffee as the threat of COVID-19 dwindles. When you are making your travel plans, please keep in mind that coastal communities in the Broughtons have limited access to medical facilities and supplies.

We are going to be as welcoming as we safely can at Lagoon Cove, but every marina and community faces tough choices on how much to offer. Waggoner Cruising Guide website has a list of what they know of how COVID-19 is affecting coastal marinas.

We expect to see fewer boats this summer, so we are planning to keep busy with sprucing the place up and making improvements where we can. Pressure washing, painting, new deck boards, and new walkways are all on the list. There is always plenty of weeding and gardening to do. We are going to try to get as many of the smaller easy-to-ignore jobs that we have postponed done this summer. We’ll continue with bigger improvements to the facility when the economy revs back up. The new dock and dock configuration put in place for last summer is doing well. Here is a list of other recent changes:

  • Guests will no longer need to sit next to the router in the book exchange to get a good wifi signal. There will be a good signal on all docks.
  • Each morning there will be fresh ground brewed coffee available in the dock office.
  • A new pergola has been built on the south side of the float house. This will provide another informal gathering area for the exchange of important information and alternative facts.
  • The Edgewater Emporium will have a new selection of quality branded apparel as well as some new gift items.
  • We will have a nice selection of ice cream treats for sale on the dock.
  • The Lagoon Cove Cookbook, first printed in 2004, will once again be available. This is the original cookbook including several pages of Lagoon Cove History.
  • Starting in 2017, Lagoon Cove Marina will accept reservations on a limited basis. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your request.
  • For the first time Lagoon Cove will offer nominally priced Shore Passes for boaters who anchor in the cove but wish to bring their dingy ashore and take advantage of all the amenities we offer moored guests. We want all visitors to the marina to feel welcome.
  • We have added lawn games to our list of shore-side activities. There are two sets of a game called cornhole. This game is a spin-off of horseshoes that is easily picked up by beginners of all ages and is highly addictive. There will be a Ping Pong table ready for serious competition. We’ll have paddles and balls but encourage you to bring your own paddle so that our equipment doesn’t become your excuse. Ladder Golf, another addictive game of skill and luck will be set up, and there is also a Bocce Ball court. And by “court” we mean “area”  or “part of the lawn.”